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Our effective, boutique fitness classes are centered around the gracefully hand crafted timber WaterRower. Burning calories in every stroke with the soothing sound of moving water.  This unique, full body circuit class keeps the heart rate pumping while placing minimal impact on your body.  Within 45 minutes you will have worked all of your major muscle groups. Everything from your arms, legs, back and core are engaged while rowing.  Row your way to health and happiness.


CREW partners High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) on the WaterRower with workstations focusing on toning, sculpting and strengthening exercises. Fast transitions between the WaterRower and floor will ensure you are never in the same spot for too long. By combining rowing with dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment, you will increase both your muscular strength and endurance while making your workout fun and effective.


CREW workouts are safe and functional. You’ll burn calories with minimal impact on your joints and body. Classes will improve your overall health and mental toughness. Our programs are designed for persons of all ages with varied fitness levels.


A common misconception is that the rowing machine works mostly the upper body. In actual fact, it requires an equal effort from both upper and lower body, working 86% of your muscle mass. You’ll be working muscles you didn’t even know you had. 

Unlike running, you control the speed and resistance of your rower. Resistance is created by how hard you push or pull.  If you want to burn calories, tone, build muscles, improve posture and increase stamina, JOIN THE CREW!

Water Rower

The best thing about the 45 minute session is that you are never on the rowing machine for too long. Rowing is combined with constant transitions to the mats doing various strengthening and toning exercises…


Row your way to health and happiness.


CREW 101

Never rowed before? Don’t worry, we will show you everything you need to know. We teach you proper rowing form before getting into dynamic, total body strengthening. This is achieved through varied exercises, partnered with calorie torching intervals on the WaterRower. This workout is the best way to get started.



This class zeros in on specific muscle groups for continuous muscle contraction. Dumbbells and various other pieces of equipment, combined with endurance building sets on the WaterRower. This is the perfect workout for sculpting lean muscle.



The perfect mix of rowing and recovery. Rowcovery focuses on movement, flexibility, stability and restorative stretching whilst still breaking a sweat. Technique and form focused rowing keeps your muscles warm ensuring your joints are more capable of extending safely throughout their full range of motion. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.



Combining functional, bodyweight exercises with a series of high intensity rowing intervals. This low impact workout saves the joints while providing a maximum burn. This workout keeps your heart pumping through limited recovery and total bodyweight exercises such as, squats, push-ups, lunges, burpees and planks.



This is a sweat drenching, team orientated workout that is both fun and effective. Crew members will complete a variety of time, distance or calorie-based goals on the WaterRower, along with team AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) circuits. REGATTA is designed to bring out your competitive spirit. Your Crew will help to inspire you.

Rowing is going to be the next big thing in group fitness”


Mike Aldridge


Mike Aldridge is the Founder and Head Coach of Crew. Mike’s passion for rowing began at The Scots College. He was a member of 1st VIII for 2 years and stroked the 1st VIII and named Captain of Boats in his final year. After School, Mike had to make the difficult choice of either Rowing or Rugby. He decided on Rugby and subsequently signed a contract and moved to Italy as a 19yr old. Mike spent over 10 years playing professional rugby in Italy for Rugby Roma and also represented Italy at both U-21 and A levels.

After a long rugby career abroad, Mike returned home to Sydney ready to start a career in something he has always been extremely passionate about, that being health and fitness. Injuries had left a toll on his body. Doctor’s and Physio’s told him he shouldn’t run and to avoid high impact exercise due to the various ankle and knee injuries/surgeries he had sustained over the years.

Accordingly, Mike re-acquainted himself with his love of rowing, due to its low-impact nature. Mike has achieved outstanding results by developing programs centered around the rowing machine, along with both strength and toning exercises. Mike has spent the past four years running a successful personal training business throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.


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Teamwork, Unity & Perserverance

At Crew, we are always striving for that perfect stroke, that extra rep, continually pushing ourselves to reach a common goal. This also applies to your Business. Crew Corporate sessions will benefit your business by reducing stress, increasing employee happiness, boosting energy levels and creating a unified workplace. Contact us for more details. ONLY THE PERSON WHO ISNT ROWING HAS TIME TO ROCK THE BOAT…


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