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Tennis is a wonderful sport; it provides great health benefits to those who play it and it is beautiful in the eyes of the spectator.

At the same time, tennis is an endurance sport. Repeated accelerations, recovery, accelerating again. Anaerobic breathing works hard. It concerns the cardiovascular system, heart, and lungs, which progresses thanks to the practice of tennis.

After two and a half hours of practice per week, it is possible to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases by 50% because blood pressure decreases. Also, deposits in the blood vessels are almost non-existent.

Tennis, like all sports of direct adversity, has the advantage of building character and developing the mental capacity of the players. This constant fight against the opponent, this management of emotions to hide weaknesses, and self-confidence, are factors that build a personality.

The body and the mind form one entity. Tennis requires instantaneous reactions and actions that require reflection. That is why the union between both parts must be strong. The practice of tennis helps to build or consolidate it since one cannot do without the other.

For this and much more, tennis is more than a sport.

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